• Global vision of business in the XXI century
  • Skills, experience and seniority in business projects with a high legal and technological component
  • Risk analysis for business decision-making
  • Areas:
  • Corporate
  • M&A
  • Commercial contracts
  • Franchises and licences
  • Technology transfer
  • Intellectual and industrial property and new technologies
  • Construction and Engineering Law
  • Financial Law
  • Corporate Good Governance and Compliance
  • Insurance


We try to secure a good investment/profitability/risks ratio

We assist our customers in processes of internationalisation or arrival in Spain, Exports or Setting up.

Digital transformation

In the era of the Revolution 4.0, when change has become a structural element, we help our customers in their commitment to invest in the digital transformation of their projects within a framework of legal certainty. This commitment involves:

  • Collaboration
  • Mainstreaming
  • Interdisciplinary action
  • Efficiency
  • Scalability
The new technologies are an essential ally for the company’s sustainability.

We propose:

  • Dealing with trade disputes, taking account of the business needs and legal protection of the company and its reputation.
  • Conflict Management through structured negotiations.
  • Alternative conflict resolution methods to court action or arbitration. These methods are confidential, faster and less costly, and the customer has control over the outcome and their reputation.